Think of us as that friend who fixes your hair, holds your bag and always has your back - but for beauty.

This is 2 sisters' dreams come to life from the streets of Yaoundé, to now impacting the world.

Elvira and Tatiana Laminsi, beauty lovers and fashionistas at heart, African immigrants who left Cameroon to settle in Germany and France in 2014 and 2015. What followed those decisions is what would be the equivalent of life chewing you up and spitting you out.

But somewhere behind all the challenges, difficulties, and obstacles, their love for beauty never left.
They kept nurturing the idea of creating a beauty ecosystem that would be different and made for women who, like them, wanted to enjoy beauty without all the fuss around it.

Beauty that is simple yet unique, quick yet effective, tailor made for you.

It is finally in March of 2020 that after scraping together 300€ in savings, arming themselves with love, passion and a lot of hard work, that Ladéma was born. Little did they know that less than 2 weeks after their launch the world would be hit with a global pandemic and financial crisis that changed the course of history. Despite all the odds stacked against them, their previous challenges, life difficulties and resistance made them know, trust and believe that this too, they could overcome.

Armed with a firm dedication to their mission to help women around the world reinvent their beauty routines, and an unshakable faith in their vision, a vision that is bigger than themselves. One that would revolutionise the beauty industry, transform lives across the African continent and put Made In Africa savoir-faire and products on the world market. Elvira and Tatiana braced themselves to go against whatever would come their way.

And sure enough, little by little, one challenge after the other, one prayer at a time, all through the countless sleepless nights, today Ladéma’s mission and vision is stronger than ever.

Ladéma is beauty made:

We focus on creating solution-based products that have a clear purpose: — to help women love, own, and reinvent their beauty routines.

Our Mission —

Is to take the load off of your shoulders from having to follow standardised beauty rules, styling steps, buy countless products in order to conform to the definitions of what beauty should or should not be, is or is not.

We will take what was made complicated, long and tedious by the beauty industry and turn it into something easy, quick and enjoyable for you.

Our Vision —

Is to fulfil this mission while transforming lives and giving a voice to the voiceless, and opportunities to the undeserved by creating 2000 full-time manufacturing jobs in Africa by 2025.

That’s why all our products are 100% handmade by African artisans. From the sourcing of the fabric that we do in local Markets in Cameroon, Nigeria and Morrocco. Through the entire manufacturing process: cutting, sewing, ironing, packaging all the way to the final product which we ship to you worldwide from our location in Paris, France.


We are dedicated to helping and being of value to YOU, our beautiful customers. Serving you and providing you with true beauty solutions that are innovative, fresh and tailor made to your needs. While also empowering the people behind the scenes - our African artisans, future leaders that we are investing our time and energy into, to develop their skills and talents and provide them with opportunities for breakthrough.
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